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Project team

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Project core team:


Project manager: Darren Marsh, C-SAP

Project assistant: Anna Gruszczynska, C-SAP

Project consultant: Richard Pountney, Sheffield Hallam University

Project evaluator: Graham R. Gibbs, University of Huddersfield


Key academic partners:


Dr Mª Àngels Trias i Valls - Senior Research Assistant, Institute of Contemporary European Studies, Regent’s College London

Dr Helen Jones - Principal Lecturer in Criminology, Faculty of Humanities & Social Science, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Pam Lowe – Lecturer in Sociology, School of Languages and Social Sciences, Aston University

Professor Dave Harris - SPEL, University College Plymouth St Mark & St John

Dr Cathy Gormley-Heenan - Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Social and Policy Research Institute, University of Ulster

Dr Jonathan Parker - Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy (SPIRE), Keele University

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