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SCORE OU Regional event

Page history last edited by Darren 14 years, 4 months ago

On Wednesday 10th March, Darren and Annashared about their experiences of the C-SAP OER project so far at the "Opportunities, challenges and barriers to Open Educational Resources workshop. This was one of regional events organised by Open University's Support Centre for Open Resources in Education. The event was quite informal, and the small size of the group meant this was a perfect opportunity to ask some "big" questions about reward and recognition as well as the longer-term sustainability of the OER project.


We also had a chance to meet up with our colleagues from the institutional and the individual strands from University of Nottingham and Anglia Ruskin University. It seems that despite different disciplinary backgrounds and varying approaches to the OER project, some things are universal and everyone seems to be scrambling quite madly so that they can meet the end of April deadline!


[Darren - yes it was a good opportunity to meet projects from the other strands of the OER programme (individual and institutional). I particularly enjoyed the presentation by Andy Beggan from Nottingham Uni, this was an institutional focused project - so they are building upon existing technologies and repositories set up already, and it's easier to do the kind of number crunching such as 'we had x number of visitors to our OER site', plus they also got the VC to do a piece to camera extolling the virtue of OER http://unow.nottingham.ac.uk/about.html, so the staff did had the green light from the top down etc. But it was interesting to hear that in collecting 360 credits of learning from Nottingham, despite having the common institutional location their project also felt the need to create a kind of 'framework' for presenting the material and offering it as OER, within their 'U-NOW' online OER collection (they are now a member of the Open CourseWare Consortium and so this is partly modelled around the MIT open courseare.) It's a different kind of framework to our mapping tool (it is both a description of resources and repositry, they are not using JORUM...), but i think it reinforces our case for trying to create and offer 'richer' descriptions of our materials - they were certainly interested in our approach. If you are interested some examples are in: http://unow.nottingham.ac.uk/resources.aspx - choose a resource with the U-NOW icon, then select view resource from the right hand details area. This loads up a web based framwork from their repository, has similar areas such as aims, module description, content, assessment methods.]

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