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Guidance for pedagogical frameworks

Page history last edited by Richard Pountney 10 years, 7 months ago

This page provides links to the rich discussion and debate amongst the project team about pedagogical frameworks to support releasing material in the social sciences, and questions of the intended users and what types of contextual information (tacit / known) about the ‘history’ of the materials is required to support discovery and re-use.



File type 
 Propositions for a pedagogical framework Propositions about the framework for the use and re-use of OERs pbwiki page
 Pedagogical Frameworks 2 Further discussion on pedagogical frameworks useful for the project pbwiki page
 Models of learning Overview of models, characteristics and principles of learning
pbwiki page
 Useful links/ resources Resources related to pedagogic frameworks and taxonomies pbwiki page
Existing frameworks for mapping OER Overview of approaches to pedagogical frameworks in existing OER projects pbwiki page

Angels: Dissolving and Creating - Responses to Pedagogical Frameworks

Individual response to the pedagogic frameworks debate

pbwiki page
Dave: Bourdieu et al on 'rational pedagogy' Individual response to the pedagogic frameworks debate pbwiki page



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