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BISA poster session

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BISA conference


On 15th December 2009, I attended the annual conference of British International Studies Association.

BISA has organised a poster event showcasing innovation in teaching and learning in political sciences. The six posters illustrated

a vast range of novel e-learning projects - for instance the use of twitter, podcasting and blogs in teaching introductory politics

subjects. CSAP OER project was represented there as well (see below) and during the day a number of people approached

the poster corner and shared their thoughts and concerns with regard to e-learning. Probably the most common concern was "I am old school,

I don't want to have to change" and a variation of that "I want to be able just to talk at them in the context of a formal lecture, not chit-chat

on Facebook!".


Once again, I believe these comments demonstrate how important the CSAP OER project is and the value of your contribution as partners.

Looks like there is a lot of "consciousness-raising"  that needs to be done - and a lot of work demistyfing what e-learning is and specifically,

in the context of our project what OERs mean for the average academic on a day to day basis. We also invite you to keep this discussion 

going and share your experiences of talking about OERs with your colleagues - do the comments above sound like anything you've encountered

while working on this project?




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